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Foam shoulder pads, knee pads and swimming foam boards made up of Azote® offer key safety protection

Advanced closed cell foams have a wide range of specialized applications in sports and leisure related industry. The superior properties and performance characteristics of Azote foams make them a natural choice for many different applications, from swimming aids to sports orthotics; back packs to body protectors; cricket pads to camping mats and helmet liners to handlebar pads.

AZOTE offers a broad range of benefits to the sports and leisure industry, including:

  •  Wide color choice – available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, making them ideal material for applications where aesthetic appeal is important
  •  Easy to use –these foams are relatively stress-free making them easy to fabricate to any design..
  •  Buoyant –These polyolefin foams are naturally buoyant and light, making them the perfect choice for swimming aids, pool games, floats, and buoys

We can supply all the above range of foam as raw materials or as processed, fabricated foam with any customization including embossing, laser etching, branding of any kind as per your requirement as a single stop option.