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Plastazote® is one of the most common thermoplastic foam materials in medical literature. The material is used extensively in wide variety of medical and health care applications, many of which involve direct skin contact. Where a more resilient and elastic foam is required, EvazoteĀ® is often the material of choice.

The inherit characteristics of these foams is ideal for conversion to any design:

  •  These foams do not cause any irritation to skin as they are latex free , hypo allergic and non toxic
  •  Due to their highly consistent cell structure, they have very low in built stress and do not distort during conversion and hence can be easily fabricated
  •  They can be routed cleanly to produce more complex shapes.


  •  Podiatrics
  •  Prosthetics
  •  Orthotics
  •  Accessories such as from protection helmets to hydrotherapy equipment, exercise mats to lightweight implement and cutlery handles, comfort linings to wheelchair ramps, seat cushions to lumbar support pads.
  •  Direct to body molding

Specific grades of Polyethylene foams of Evazote, brands such as LD45, LD70, EV50, HD60, and HD115 are available.

We can provide sheets and also fabricate/convert them to your specifics for any packaging of medical components or panels or for specific custom applications through our in house conversion techniques.