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General Protective Packaging

Protecting valuable goods to abstain them from fall, corrosion, protecting intricate designs in antiques is a key feature on general protection of valuable goods. Use of high quality foams as described below and fabricating them as per your end product design can enable you to protect and transport them to any destination worldwide without the fear of losing their originality and also to store them safely for a long period.

Protective Packaging:

The regular cell size of AZOTE® foams makes them highly energy absorbent… ideal materials for protective packaging. They are inert, lightweight, UV stable, flexible, tough and resilient and exhibit outstanding resistance to chemicals and water. They are highly pure, will not cause corrosion or staining and are safe to use for the transit and archival storage of antiquities and works of art.

Military Packaging

Zotefoams manufacturer’s foam that meets the requirements as below:

  •  Foam for general purpose packaging.
  •  Foam for explosive compatible packaging

Static dissipative and conductive foams also find many applications in the military sector.

Packaging in Aviation and Aerospace

AZOTE® foams have been widely used as transit packaging for many years and find application in both aerospace production areas, for tool control and part protection during transport, and on planes to produce safe compact storage for pieces of equipment such as defibrillator units.

Electronics Packaging

Critical electronics devices, assemblies and equipment are known to be susceptible to "static zap". To overcome this potential problem, Zotefoams produces permanently static dissipative, protective foams. These foams incorporate a non-corrosive, totally encapsulated conductive component in their make-up that provides bulk conduction of static without the need for atmospheric moisture, making it non-reliant on environmental conditions.