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Critical electronic devices, assemblies and equipments are susceptible to damage or what is called as electrostatic discharge (ESD). Use of high performance, closed-cell, cross linked, conductive and static dissipative foams which, when used as part of an ESD Control Program Plan, help reduce the occurrence and cost of ESD damage in electronics.
Our specialized non-conductive closed-cell foams are ideal for a variety of sealing and anti-vibration gaskets in a wide range of electrical instruments and equipment from flat panel displays to BIPV solar panels.
These foams are used in a wide range of applications including seating, cushioning, seals, gaskets, gap fillers, protective covers and ducting’s.
These foams can be cut, routed, shaped, welded, laminated and thermoformed to meet specific use requirements. They exhibit a range of beneficial properties for the electronics industry.

Grades from Zotefoam for this application:

Static Dissipative grades

  •  Plastazote® LD30SD
  •  Plastazote® LD30SD

Conductive grades

  •  Plastazote® LD32CN and LD50CN
  •  Evazote® EV45CN