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Our foams can be used for artistic purposes also wherein the ability to manipulate these foams easily by hand or using scissors, saw, hot wire. They can fuel your artistic and creative commercial requirements. Plastazote® and Azote® brands of foam characterized by constant cell size, lack of inbuilt stress and wide range of colors are ideal to be used in making toys, puppetry, models, theatre costumes etc. Being cross linked these foams can be thermoformed easily and are also suitable for "direct to body" moulding

These foams can be applied vastly in applications like:

  •  Airframe- including ducting, doors, window gaskets, insulation panels, cable harnesses
  •  Interiors- Seating and padding support, seat crash pads, cushions, ejection seat support.
  •  Gallery-Thermal insulation, kit boxes
  •  Packaging – including tool storage kits, flight case inserts, conductive packaging.

Specific areas of applications:

Models, puppetry, mascots and toys:

Models, puppetry, mascots and toys- Plastazote is an ideal material for model and toy making. It has been used extensively in stop-motion modeling and puppetry where keeps a good firm hollow shape allowing room for internal animation servos and mechanics. Virtually odour free, its high purity and ease of manipulation make it an excellent choice for toy making material.

Theatre and film:

Theatre and film-Plastazote is used for costume and props in many stage productions and has even appeared in Hollywood feature films. Its strength and impact absorbing qualities have encouraged its use in action movies while its long life durability ensure its performance over the longest of theatre runs

Carnival Costumes:

Carnival Costumes:- Plastazote in the construction of extravagant costumes, headdresses and carnival floats. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours, Plastazote is exceptionally light-weight and is thought to be the only plastic foam of its type to meet the rigorous Oeko-Tex 100 dermal contact compatibility requirements.

Education and Training:

Education and Training-Plastazote is a wonderful material for moulding into shapes and it is increasingly used by thousands of school children. It is colorful and tactile and can be cut with scissors or a craft knife and glued to make a vast range of three-dimensional models, masks, art work and technology projects

We provide the raw material and processed foam based on specific requirements through our in-house processing methods.