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The automobile manufacturing industry hugely depends on closed cell foam for damping, sealing, cushioning and insulating purposes. The light weight nature of our foams significantly reduces vehicle weight and improves fuel economics. The Azote® category of foams are the ideal choice of material to be used in this industry.

AZOTE foams: This range of light weight polyolefin block foams are of conductive and static dissipative grades that are compatible with sensitive electronic components of the automobiles. They have a high resistance to many chemicals including greases, brake fluids, and coolants and being closed cell, have practically no water absorption and very low transmission of water vapor.

These foams are used in a wide range of applications including seating, cushioning, seals, gaskets, gap fillers, protective covers and ducting’s.

Grades from Zotefoam- soft and semi soft for this application:

  •  Plastazote® LD 15
  •  Plastazote® LD15FM
  •  Plastazote® LD 24
  •  Plastazote® MP24
  •  Plastazote® LD 33
  •  Plastazote® LD 24

Grades from Zotefoam- semi rigid and rigid for this application:

  •  Plastazote® PK 80
  •  Plastazote® HD 30
  •  Plastazote® HD 60
  •  Plastazote® HD 80
  •  Plastazote® HD 110
  •  Plastazote® HD 115

We can support you on raw materials and /or converted foam parts based on your design and specifications to meet your bulk production requirements